Courtesy Essay With Quotations || Essay On Courtesy in English With Quotations

Courtesy Essay With Quotations || Essay On Courtesy in English With Quotations


"Kindness is a simple deed with a great impact."

Good manners, refined habits, and pleasant behavior are all characteristics of courtesy. Courtesy is a result of noble breeding, a noble attitude, and a gentle heart. Courtesy is valuable in many areas of life. To be more particular, doing one's duties precisely demonstrates courtesy.

"Seek respect rather than attention." It's more durable."

A courteous man is someone who is respectful in his relationships. He loves and respects everyone, and everyone loves and respects him. As the saying goes

"Do Good, Have Good," they say.

Manners are not rules, yet they have a similar impact on our lives. When standing in line, good manners dictate that you do not attempt to jump. You should thank someone who is helpful to you. A respectful individual is always conscious of his responsibilities. He is a gentleman. During his talk, he selects the most acceptable and appropriate terms.

"Although gracious words are simple, their consequences are limitless.."

A courteous individual is always helpful, kind, and patient with others. Parents should love and care for their children at home. Children should be respectful to their elders and parents. An employer should care for his employees, and employees should be honest and hardworking with their supervisor. It is important to be helpful and considerate of one's surroundings. A citizen should love his nation and be loyal to it. Pupils should be polite and obedient to their professors, while teachers should be humble and friendly to their students. When traveling by bus or coach, good etiquette dictates that we offer our seat to an older person. We should not leave a line or disobey a traffic signal.

"Kindness is a simple deed with a great impact."

In Islamic history, the Holy Prophet (S.A.W) is the ideal of courtesy. His noble values had the power to change a barbarian nation into an educated one. It indicates that our pleasant actions and words may work wonderfully.

"Words without strength are nothing more than philosophy."

We can establish a great nation that is distinct and successful in the comity of nations if every one of us acts on certain simple morality rules. As someone so aptly put it,

"It all starts with gracious hearts."