My House Essay For Class 10 with Quotations || My House Essay with Quotations

My House

"You will miss your home if you travel anyplace, even paradise."

Having one's own home is a tremendous gift from God. At home, one feels safe, comfortable, and secure. You are aware that a home is a crucial requirement. When you have your own home, your quality of life rises. It provides you the chance to make some of your dreams come true. Your rooms are decorated according to your preferences. You take excellent care of your plants and flowers.

"Every day is a journey, and the journey is home in and of itself."

My home is a little house close to my school. The house is practically new. It's set back from the road, and there's a tiny garden in front of it. From the gate to the porch is a walkway. A magnificent creeper grows in a corner of the porch and blooms brightly all year.

"Where we dwell is home; our feet may depart, but our hearts remain."

The lounge is a standard living space with a television on the lower level. Guests are greeted in this room. A dining room and kitchen are available. The front lawn may be seen from the drawing room, which has a huge window. The bedrooms and kids' room are located upstairs. My home has a small number of rooms. The lounge is the biggest room. Both ends have windows for sufficient light and ventilation.

"Home is a sensation, not a location."

My father and I like working in the garden together. We trim the bushes once a year and have our fruit trees treated every month throughout the summer. My mother adores roses and spring flowers, and she tends to flowerbeds on occasion. Using a lawnmower, I make sure the front grass is kept neat. Having one's own home is a true blessing.

"Land is the safe haven of home; the sea is life; the outside is the unknown."

My house isn't very large or impressive, but it's unlike any other I've seen. It is distinct. It has an odd attraction for me. I've become so attached to living there that I can't imagine living anywhere else.

"It's not how expensive the house is, but how pleasant it is."

I have a strong connection to it because I spent my childhood and adulthood there. It is OK to quote that.

"A man searches the world for what he requires and goes home to obtain it."

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