My First Day At College Essay - Essay Writing

My First Day At College Essay - Essay Writing
My First Day At College Essay - Essay Writing

350 Words My First Day At College Essay

It was an eye-opening event for me on my first day of college. I had heard many stories about what college was like, and they all made the idea seem pretty daunting. But as soon as I arrived on the college campus, my worries started to fade.

I needed to figure out where to go when I got to the campus. Just by following the directions, I was able to locate my classroom. I felt embarrassed and overpowered as I opened the door because I was surrounded by a clamor of people speaking in strange tones. When they saw me entering hesitantly, a couple of my classmates extended their hands to greet me.

I was appreciative of their kind greeting. I stopped feeling lonely. We all began to discuss our backgrounds and academic paths after greetings and introductions. Although each of our backgrounds was completely different from the others, it was exciting to hear what we had to say.

The class began once everyone had concluded their introductions. Our lecturer had been a college instructor for many years, so at first, his manner seemed pretty scary. However, the professor's knowledge and energy brought the lecture to life once it started. Even the most complicated subjects were simple to comprehend because of his engaging teaching approach.

After the first lesson, I felt certain about what I had learned and enjoyed getting to know my new classmates. I ran across several persons I had met in the first class and got to know more about them as the day went on. I quickly started engaging in talks with other classmates in the hallways or common areas.

The day came to a conclusion with a rush of activity, including visits to the library, acquiring my student's ID, and getting to learn more about the athletics department. I saw how the college worked, from the helpful interactions between students and instructors to the effective library staff.

The first of college was a brand-new experience for me. I made new friends, learned more about my chosen career, and got a taste of what it's like to be a college student. It was a worthwhile experience, and I'm looking forward to many memorable college days.


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